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What's KeySpace




(KeySpace User Guide - Korean)
KeySpae Display
(KeySpace User Guide - Korean)

MD5 - DA5F21D294059A72268554430CF2C77B
SHA256 - 123F24CF4A023E7F5306928B38F8A990A79E8255D023CDCDE90CDB525C1F16B7


 KeySpace is supporting functions to automatically analyze with easy and useful about Cyber crime scene, Incident Response, Data leakage and internal audit, that using forensic technique. 

Ability - functions
  • Variety filesystem (NTFS, FAT16/32, exFAT, EXT3, EXT4)

  • MBR, GPT partition 

  • Support Evidence file (E01, Ex01) & VMware image file(VMDK)

  • Find something by condition and filter each file type

  • Searching keyword in body of documents

  • Searching keyword from whole disk

  • File structure viewer on registry hive file

  • File structure viewer on compound file (OLE, OOXML, ZIP)

  • Preview document 

  • Dash board (summary results of category)

  • Automatic analysis

    • Windows Artifacts

    • Linux/Unix Artifacts (Not now, only filesystem)

    • Browser Artifacts

    • Metadata of Document

    • Account Information

    • Cloud Artifacts

    • Encrypted File

    • File Signature

    • Matches Hash

    • Event Log

    • NTFS meta file($MFT, $Logfile, $UsnJrnl)

    • Document indexing

    • Polaris Artifact

    • Internet History Carving

    • Document Carving

    • Timeline based



  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8,10, Sever 

  • .Net Framework 4.5 (must installed 4.5 after)

  • USB Licence  (for Commercial)

  • Support 32/64 bit version

  • Support Korean and English 

  • Not install, Portable excutatble













        Release note 

     05-14-2018​​   Bug fix

  • E01, Ex01 file  recognition and read error fix

  • E01, Ex01 file analyzer multi threading error fix

     05-11-2018  Add utility

  • Dash board (summary result of category)

  • Search personal information

  • Install version

MD5 - 0455F80B82147F7EA7A5108C6D6E7ACE
SHA256 - B6885F1EE6694E23C8981CA0B0EBF912158CF7AFF99C1FA9A94A757D6D203284

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